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November 3, 2013
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Kimono Tutorial - Hairstyles Special by Hanami-Mai Kimono Tutorial - Hairstyles Special by Hanami-Mai
The next part of my tutorial would cover informal kimono, but I was asked by :iconspring-sky: about the differences between traditional japanese and chinese hairstyles. So I decided to make this little tutorial special! I hope it's somewhat useful, Spring-Sky! :aww:

My knowledge on nihongami is basic, and on chinese and korean tradition, even smaller... So this tutorial has a far from deep approach. It aims to be a simple "quick guide" for begginers to start telling apart japanese typical hairstyles from these two other countries'. As usual, for a more detailed knowledge (and if you really want to draw something accurate), please research more about the kind of hairstyle you have in mind. :)

...If you want to know more on the subjects of this tutorial:

:star: As usual, I strongly reccomend the Kyoto Costume Museum site for reference on japanese historical fashion (and hairstyles):…
:star: For traditional japanese hairstyles in detail, please see these amazing nihongami drawing tutorials by ~ShotaKotake :…
:star: For some info and drawings of chinese hairstyles in this tutorial I referenced these wonderfull tutorials by ~lilsuika :……
:star: And last but far from least, this blog shows an amazing compilation of info (and photos!) of korean Joseon dynasty hairstyles, hats and ornaments for women and men: thetalkingcupboard.wordpress.c…

Please forgive me for any mistakes! This topic is not my strongest point! ^^;
Any corrections, please feel free to tell me!

My other Kimono Tutorials:

...On the next part, back to the main topic: Informal Kimono. ^^
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Given 2013-11-21
Kimono Tutorial - Hairstyles Special by *Hanami-Mai One of several well researched and well presented tutorials, don't forget to check out the others in the series! ( Featured by Elandria )
i find this use especially if people want to write an asian historical piece
AngelERenoir Apr 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I have a question about the nihongami style... I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear a hairpin in the front of their head. Are you sure you're not seeing things wrong?
Hanami-Mai Apr 3, 2014   Digital Artist
Hello. Yes, I'm sure. ^^
Today's nihongami wearers - mostly geisha and maiko - don't wear hairpins on the front section of the hair, you're right. :nod:
But in earlier times, there were many other kinds of nihongami besides the ones geisha and maiko wear, and some of them featured kanzashi in the front. Here are some examples:…………

Oiran hairstyle is particularly filled with front (and back) kanzashi, as seen in this antique photo:…

These nihongami tutorials (which were one of my info sources for this tutorial) feature some nihongami types with hairpins in front:

Nihongami Tutorial 8 by ShotaKotake  Nihongami Tutorial 7 by ShotaKotake  Nihongami Tutorial 11 by ShotaKotake

I hope I answered your doubt. ^^
AngelERenoir Apr 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh, the one I meant is the one wearing just one hairpin in front. I don't have problems with the ones wearing lots of hairpins.

The tutorial you linked only shows One nihongami style with one hairpin. You had many of them, so that is why I have doubt. The one hairpin in front doesn't seem to be a popular style, but you drew it multiple times ^^;
Hanami-Mai Apr 3, 2014   Digital Artist
Oh, that is because, since I intended this to be a very basical tutorial, I didn't really draw each nihongami in a super specific manner (with the precise kanzashi amount, size or angle). Just tried to give an overall notion of the nihongami look in comparision to other countrie's styles. - That's why I also put links to more precise resources, like the ones I sent you, that portray each style with specific kanzashi, multiple views, proper name, etc.

So, please just pretend my model didn't have enought money to buy two kanzahi for her front section hair. ;)
AngelERenoir Apr 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Really useful!  Thanks you!
Hanami-Mai Mar 28, 2014   Digital Artist
You're wellcome!
ImthenD Mar 24, 2014  Student General Artist
amazing Love in the Air 
Hanami-Mai Mar 24, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank you! ^^
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